Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My mom... the celebrity.

As you know from past posts over the years. My family is a HUGE fan of the blog Dad Gone Mad.

This summer he had his first book released (WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!) and my mom was upset since she was in the middle of her 6 week trip away from home. She scoured Western Maine trying to find it in a store (she didn't remember the date it was released) and at the time it wasn't on Wal-Mart or Mr. Paperbacks bookshelves (SHAME ON YOU!) and she was despondent. I mean really. Everyday my mom went into town and everyday she'd look on the bookshelf to see if "Danny's" book is out yet.

Keep in mind - my mom doesn't read a lot anymore so the fact that she was looking for a book is a pretty good sign of how much she adores him!

She got back to the land of computers and real stores and immediately ordered herself the book. She was counting the days to get it.

For the last couple of days she's been talking about the book (she loves it if you wanted to know). Tonight she called me sobbing. Well - the situation I wrote about on this post from my blog (from his blog) about my mom's brain surgery and her being kind enough to send her an email wishing her good luck - and then the following post on his blog - is in the book. He's talking about MY MOM!!!! She is pretty darn excited. That's kind of an understatement - I'm pretty sure she couldn't be any MORE excited. She was sobbing!!!

I'm so amazed that he was as touched as we were (and still are) by that. I'm pretty sure my mom is ready to adopt him. Doesn't he rock???????

My mom says get thee to a bookstore and check it out.


SJL~ said...

HOW COOL!!!!!!!!

kam said...

I guess I better get to reading... I've had the book for a couple of weeks and just haven't gotten a chance to read it.

Momma said...

Oh my God! It's the middle of October already. Don't forget my birthday!! :)