Friday, June 08, 2007

The drugs DO work

My drugs are making a huge impact in my life. That and the iced capp's I'm chugging from TH.

We are T minus 7 days from the move.

Did I mention we don't know exactly where we are going yet?


I'm not worried.

Should I be worried? Aren't having SOME emotions a normal part of human life? I guess. I am experiencing emotions, just not huge ones. It's nice. Would I be happier if we had a house lined up? Of course. Am I freaking out? a little bit. I think it's an OK amount.

A year ago I would have been up in my room intermittently crying with making long engaged phone calls to friends as we would have dissected each part. Every emotion would have been evaluated.

I like this balance thing. I like enjoying my life as it is, without having to bring loads of drama to it to be happy. It's been a long time since I lived like this.

Do I still like a little drama? Sure. Hell it's fun. I just don't have to make it.

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Suzanne said...

What's life without a little drama?! :)