Saturday, June 23, 2007

I do believe in fairies, I do believe in fairies....

Walking in silence through the tall, imposing pines, the shadowy white birches and willowy bamboo like water trees, the five of us tread along the waters edge.

I look back to find two of my beautiful girls intently looking in the underbrush as they walk along the path.

Lagging behind is a new walker, struggling to keep up with her big sisters but equally awed by her surroundings. Dad stays close by to help when she veers perilously close to the sharp drop to the water.

We continue winding our way around the island. Our silence is broken by squeals of excitement as a small pile of sticks is discovered under a tree. Little fingers delicately poke at the tiny domecile, careful not to disrupt the construction.

In a clearing we spy a large fox and moments later he turns and acknowledges our presence.

Then up ahead, the setting sun filtering through the leafy canopy above, we spot them. From afar it appears to be a "Blair Witch Project ish" intrusion of natural items piled unnaturally. Upon closer inspection it's a friendly village. A sign announces that we have indeed reached the Community Village.

Little piles of sticks, leaves, bark, shells and other items found through out the forest have been fashioned into shelters for faeries.

Some of the houses were simply constructed, obviously providing for the fairy who had minimal needs. Others were multilevel fairy mansions with swimming pools and gardens. High class fairies indeed. We discovered ittle tiny houses fit for a Thimbelena all the way to large tactical shelters worthy of Bear Grylls.

Leaving no trace behind, we continue our circumference of the island and are rewarded with a beautiful sunset over the water.

At exactly closing time we reach our van and head home. It's a wonder that this little retreat is only a small causeway from the city.

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