Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hello again, hello


We've been busy with the gorgeous weather. Well not today, but rainy days are fun too.

Still looking for a house. Kind of a problem since we get the boot June fifteenth.

My computer had not one but two run ins with a juice box yesterday. It's sad. My little keyboard is crying. Some of my number keys don't work. Not sure what to do about it. Right now I'm just writing out the numbers.

Girls are spiffy. Em is climbing tables and since she has 3 teeth coming through, she's biting everything within reach. It's pleasant.

Anna is sure that her 3rd birthday means she's now a big kid.

Julia is excited and sad about school ending. We have quite a summer planned so I think it will be great. I don't want to be too busy, since I think summer is about spending a lot of time looking at the grass and playing at the beach and just hanging out. We have some great opportunities for activities though so I think we'll find a nice balance.

Dan is busy and has some potential great things in the works, so hopefully I'll have an announcement about that soon.

As for me, most of my time is spent with the kids, finding a place to live and working on my business. And some packing. And finding a place to live. I think I have a new client, and it's someone I'm super duper duper excited to work with. It's a huge deal for me and I'm hoping to have the details ironed out this week.

So, that's us in a nutshell. Once we find a place to move and I have a little bit more free time, I'll be back to my normal monotonous droning.


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss chatting with you!

Kam said...

Ah-ha... so, that's why your 5 & 6 don't work!

Veronica said...

Sounds like you and Dan both have some exciting stuff coming up. Looking forward to updates. :) Sorry about your keyboard. :(

Momma said...

I've heard it all and I don't think it's monotnous droning. Thanks for the new posts!