Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm an addict....

I never would have thought that I was an addict, but let's just say that it's a good thing I have never done drugs. Or smoked a cigarette.

Right now I have no less than 3 raging addictions, and as is the tradition with addictions, not one of them is good for me.

My latest addiction is online gaming. It started after being holed up in this hotel for the last week. I have an awful lot of time to do a lot of nothing. It easy to keep 300 sq ft clean. I have this thing called housekeeping that does my big laundry and cleans the bathroom. It takes me less than 10 minutes to do the set of 3 dishes we have. Even our personal laundry goes by quickly with 4 washers and dryers. Sure we get out and play, and go do things, but there is still a LOT of time for nothing. A LOT!

So. Computer games it is. I have K to thank for my introduction to Cake Mania. That filled 2 days worth of naps. Then came Diner Dash wish helped through a night of insomnia. Mysteryville... another nap. Then... and now.... Virtual Villagers. Let's just say I might be a little in love with GameSpring. Just a little.

VV is a Sims type game. A little slower paced, but it allows me to do all the other time wasting internet things... like email, read blogs, blog, sign the girls up for classes, look for our winter housing, work, and that's all while Em is nursing (yes, she is STILL nursing), the girls are napping and randomly through the day.

VV is actually growing on me. Julia can recognize my villagers by name and we were all a little sad when our first round of villagers died. We cheer when the babies are born and had a celebration of our own when they learned to fish. Ummm yes, I am apparently breeding a new form of uber geeks.

Just to satisfy your curiousity we also play at the park, practice lacrosse in the field next to our hotel, play with the giant frisbee, take the dog out, long walks to the grocery store. We have plenty of leg stretching heart pumping activity. Julia and Anna have also been working in workbooks, coloring pictures for every person they have ever known. We aren't without our PBS, and I have developed a fondness for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (*gasp* I know, a CN show!!).

Next week as we settle into our new abode I'll have less computer time and more busy time. For now.... there is the rest of my month of Gamespring and an endless supply of games.

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K said...

Yes, it's all my fault! What would you do in the hotel with out your games... You're welcome! he hehe ;)