Friday, June 22, 2007

Ideas please??

I'm in a rut with the girls snacks...

I need ideas for healthy (fast) snacks. I have 3 busy, hungry little ones and since we moved into the hotel, I've just been grabbing the bag of pirates booty or cheese sticks. Not exactly in line with what I'm thinking.

I'm heading to the market and will load us up with some fresh fruit and berries... but any other snack ideas would be welcome!



Scattered Mom said...

I just posted a bunch of ideas over at

Hope they inspire you!

Kirdy said...

Graham crackers are big hit here. For grab and go snacks the kids are big fans of these new dried apple chips. I forget who makes 'em, but I found them at Walmart by the fruit snacks. Except whole those are faux, these are real apple.

moe "simon metz" berg said...

edamame, yo. edamame.