Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back to School Shopping

We're just over two weeks away from school starting here, but we're getting ready here at the Dougherty house. We're lucky in that the school district Julia goes to doesn't require school supplies purchased for Primary students. There are still plenty of things to buy... so I thought I'd share some of the things I've come across in my online adventures.


Here in the land of the frozen tundra our backpacks needs to be large enough to hold folders, library books, dry shoes, wet boots, snow clothes and mittens... luckily we don't carry school books back and forth and when we run out of room for the lunch bag, we attach it to the bag with a carabiner.

Julia's preschool and Kindergarten bags were both from LL Bean. Both of them saw lots of use (the preschool bag is still being used by Anna) and have held up spectacularly. They don't show any wear and clean nicely. We are letting Julia choose a new bag this year only because she doesn't want a pink one... but we've explained it will have to be for 1st and 2nd grade. She wants a messenger style bag, but we're going with a traditional back pack again.

We'll be doing the Lands' End Clean Sweep Lunch Box. It's leak resistant, seamless for easy cleaning and a rigid bottom to keep things from being crushed. If you have pulley back pack it also has a handle to slide over the handle for easy transport.

Aren't these clothing/item labels awesome??? I'm sure Julia's school isn't alone in that it ends the year with piles of unlabeled lost clothing. I'm pretty sure I'll be using my trusty Sharpie again this year, but I love the idea behind these. Labels for clothes, tags for bags and equipment...

I also like these bag tags (I don't have a graphic) from Stuck on You.


I'm totally into these All weather Mary Janes from Lands' End. These will be perfect for non gym days, and I don't have to worry about the suede getting damaged from damp mornings at the bus stop. Mom's Helpers (and I'm not talking about the little happy pills)

As for me, I'll be using my new Mom's Family Calendar. It was awesome for us last year. I only wish it had more room in each spot because I'm a big writer... I'll be keeping track of the school menus, parent guidelines, dance schedules, etc... with the Kitchen Folio my mom bought me (THANKS MOM!!) from momagenda.In my bag will be the momagenda daily mini planner along side my PDA. (I just can't give up the hand written back up). It has the same mom plus four planner set up that the family calendar has but in a portable size for me. I love everything momagenda has. They have these great menu/grocery list notepads, babysitter notepads. If you have kids or even a busy hubby to plan for/with/around... it's worth a peek.

Ahhhhh.... It's almost time!

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Kelly said...

I have the Nike Mary Janes in Black and I just LOVE them. At first I thought they looked a little funky, but they are so comfortable!