Thursday, August 23, 2007

Damn that's perfect...

My friend Shel was describing her son who is Anna's age, "He has devil horns holding up his halo"

Seriously... you could not find a better description of Em. She is the most mischevious little thing, but with a wicked smile and a sense of humor that is outragous. She is sarcastic. At almost 18 months. You only have to be around for a little while to find out she's probably smarter than you are and that she knows it.

She has a little glimmer in her eyes that is brilliant. Anna has one too, but it's different. Anna is a curious and funny in a hammy, silly kind of way. Anna is Jon Stewart/Dana Carvey to Em's George Carlin. And I mean the raunchy George Carlin. Julia is more Jane Austen than comedienne.

Em's very much a study of contradiction too. She's fiercely independent, refusing baby food by 9 months (give me the grown up stuff, damnit!!), figuring out how to get out of her crib by a year... she is the "I'll DO IT" kid. Even though, she's clingy and a mommy/daddy's girl (you never know which you'll get from her). People often ask me, "Is she laughing or crying."

I usually reply, "yes"

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Suzanne said...

I've used that description for my kids for several years now! It is fitting isn't it?! :)