Saturday, August 25, 2007

Summer lovin'...

Best part about living in this house...

Playing in the ginormous acre+ yard

Worst part about living in this house....

Mowing the ginormous acre+ yard

We have been locked in a 2 month battle to get someone to mow the yard. The guy who normally cuts the yard (oh yeah... he showed up at the door and announced... "I'm Paul XXXX from Clippendales" I thought I was getting a show! I was thinking, "awwww thanks Dan!") moved it once while he thought it was still the old tenants.

We thought the owner had called him so we thought he'd come back. Then 2 weeks later we called him to come back. He never called us. We scheduled someone else to come out and mow, but both times it was pouring rain.

4 weeks later (2 weeks ago) he showed up to do an estimate. He said that since the lawn had gotten so long it would be big bucks - but to call him that night and he'll give us an estimate. So we call.

No reply.

Call him again. Leave another message.


Call him again. Leave another message.


Last weekend we attempted to use the lawn tractor. THe choke is frozen. After three hours of messing with it, it was going to cost us $200 to fix a tractor that isn't ours to mow a lawn once. I don't think so.

It's now 1 week before we leave, and we have to do something.

So Enter the Billy Goat!!

I spent 2 1/2 hours mowing 2/3 the lawn. I have blisters the size of quarters on both palms and from wearing Dan's shoes (I didn't have any closed toe shoes) I have blisters on both heels. I love this thing. It is super self propelled and cut down these weeds like they were teeny bits of grass. Awesome. Dan is finishing up now and I am amazed at this thing. It was worth every penny to rent ($40 for the weekend). I'm relieved it will be taken care of.

Screw Mr. Clippendales and his non phone call returning self.

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Suzanne said...

I told Kurt to get a big tractor for mowing and I can conveniently play dumb about driving it (I just don't understand all these controls Kurt!), so I never have to mow the lawn!