Thursday, August 23, 2007


I love my kids.

Being a mom is amazingly inspirational. And downright tiring at times.

Right now, when I should be working (yes, at midnight - like I can get anything done when the kids are awake??! ha) I am sitting in my bed with hum of a Baby Einstein (it bores the kids right to sleep each night) DVD playing. Three little girls fill the the empty spaces of the double bed we are currently using in this house. Dan is on a flight back from Atlanta (finally after hours of waiting out storms), and the girls fought hard to sleep with me tonight, and I let them win. I remember wanting to sleep with my mom when my dad was out of town.

All three girls are sleeping. It amuses me to no end how each day pretty much begins and ends in perfection and somewhere in the middle is, well, sometimes perfect, but usually just good. Sometimes bad, sometimes hard, sometimes stressful. I mean come on... the second best thing about parenting are the free giggles.

But no matter how difficult my day is, I hold close the fact that before I go to sleep, I will get to cuddle with three angels. Their horns slide back in their skulls at night for comfortable sleeping and the halos perch just above their sweet little heads. I know that one of the last things I will see everynight are rosy sleep flushed cheeks. Normally I then get to skip to my room and enjoy silence, but tonight I'll take the light snoring and bumps.

The girls sleep just like they live.

Julia likes to be bundled up in her blankets. She throws her self around dramatically in her sleep, and frequently shouts out dire warnings or professions of love.

Anna can't be restrained by mere cloth. She throws her blankets aside (thank goodness for those soft, warm fleece jammies). She goes and goes and goes until she passes out. She sleeps as hard as she plays. She rarely moves but when she does it's usually to toss herself out of bed. Even in her sleep she's a danger to herself.

Em. Well, the best way to describe Em's sleep is that she doesn't do much of it. She's unpredictable even in sleep. One night she'll sleep 10 hours, the next night she'll be up every hour from 8pm-8am. She can sleep like a rock or throw herself about. She can sleep through barking dogs and accidental smoke detector alarms, but can wail awake with just the quietest padding of the cats feet across the carpeted floor.

I should be sleeping, but the silence is alluring. I don't realize how loud they are as a trio until they do finally stop for the day.


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