Monday, January 14, 2008

Bad mommy...

Since our return we've been really pushing a new regime with the kids. While two weeks with Meemaw is like heaven for the girls, the two weeks after lead to cranky, cranky kids.

Wha??? No sugary marshmallow breakfast cereal?

Huh? No Fresca with dinner?

No fair! We can't go swimming?

This is terrible! I don't have anyone to cater to my whims 24/7.

So we've been working on attitude adjustments. Lots of counting negative behavior and time outs (gotta love 1 2 3 Magic!).

As for our sanity, we spent the last two weekends doing our 2nd sweep of out with the old in with the new. Boxes of shoes/clothes and toys to the donation bin, and boxes for organizing toys coming in. We went through the girls things and found places for everything. Everything has a place. They are expected to put things in those places.

I know. Crazy parents.

Today was a snow day. We had a foot of snow. And it still falling at a fast clip. Julia's school was cancelled and then her dance class was cancelled. For the most part we had a great day. They played nicely and we had a good time.

Then it was time to clean up the mess. Hardy har har.

After numerous polite requests, I pulled out the big gun. I gave them a 10 minute warning that they need to START picking their toys up.


SO. Without a word, I picked up the toys in the dining room and put them in a trash bag. NO threats. No yelling.

Julia lost it when she found out what had happened. She was yelling at me, so she was sent for a time out. I calmly explained I gave her and her sisters plenty of time to clean it up.

So, she went upstairs for an attitude adjustment. Then the letters began.

Anna was her courier.

The first read: Sorry Mommy, I want my toys back now. Love Julia I will take care of my toys.

Then the second: To Mammy, I love you a lot. Love Julia

Then the third: To Het, We want are(sp?) toys back. Love Anna

Then the 4th: Melmo, Melmo, Melmo From Emma

Then the 5th: ga ga go From Baby Alive

Then the 6th: Nana nana From Tena (the horse)

She did make me laugh, but the toys are staying in the bag. They will go up in the closet in time out.


Suzanne said...

Cute notes! Don't you just love toy time outs? How long do your toys stay packed away for time out?

Veronica said...

This time of year is toy overload. Doesn't it feel *good* to get all the stuff out the door/put away? I love it.

Het said...

Toys stay in time out for quite a while. Usually 2 weeks or so.

We do "cycle" toys too, so there is a permanent box in their closet with toys that we change out every 2 to 3 months.