Monday, January 21, 2008

Moving on...

Since there is no post that is really appropriate to follow the last one, I will just move on.

Dan and I took Julia, Anna, Em and their friend M to see "The Pirate's Who Don't Do Anything" on Saturday.

It went well.


From the opening credits, ANNA was terrified. Of vegetables dressed like pirates! My little pirate fan was miserable. She's even seen them before, many a time in the movie Jonah. So she was plugging her ears and putting her head on her lap. M kept saying she wanted to go home and see her Dad and watch Hello Kitty. Julia was fine as long as there was candy. Em was fine until Dan got up to take Anna and M out. Then all Hell broke loose. They were in and out. Finally at one point I was sitting in the theater by myself, watching vegetables sing and dance. I grabbed their coats and headed out.

Now, there were tears. The kids who couldn't sit in the theater for 3 minutes without crying, whining or having to go potty were devastated the fun had to end.

We did get a refund on the tickets, the popcorn and candy we'll chalk up to a learning experience.

I did take Julia back to the theater yesterday to see Enchanted (she was sitting and trying to watch the Pirate movie, so I felt bad making her leave).

I loved it. I found myself laughing out loud many, many times. I cried twice (because of the daughter) and wanted to applaud at the end. I'm not a huge Patrick Dempsey fan. Well, I am, but pre Grey's Patrick. I should say, I'm not a big McDreamy fan. This movie reminded me of all the reasons I used to like him so much. It's cute, it's light, it's fun, and I liked the fact that it had the message of believing in fairytales but sometimes taking the proverbial sword in hand to fight your own battles.

So, two thumbs up.

Oh, and Julia sat still for the entire movie. It was so much nicer than attempt 1.

Ohhhh, I can't wait to see Prince Caspian!!

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