Wednesday, January 09, 2008

We interrupt this broadcast (m)

So. I am apparently nutso. The whole zoloft cold turkey thing isn't as humorous as I made it out. The psychotic episode warning on the bottle isn't just for show. I'm ok. Everyone is ok. Yesterday was scary, scary, scary and that was for everyone involved. I was SOOOO on my way to being the new Spears child.

Oh by the way, it was my PCP that took me off of the Zoloft. It wasn't Dr. Het. She did warn me I might be "agitated" for a couple of weeks. Yeah. Agitated.

I'm back under the care of a well trained medical staff. All will be well. They all agree that I am experiencing the ugliness of the zoloft.

So, until I can get back into my humorous review of Trip of Fun 2007/2008 I will just share some pictures from the trip. As you can see... we did find time to have a great time in between pure madness.


Kelly said...

I was a little concerned about you going cold turkey! My goodness!

Hang in there - thinking of you!

CrazyRN said...

Taylor is in the process of weaning too, it hasn't been fun at all.

Agitated is not the word I would use to describe her behavior in the mornings!!! It's near demonic!

I hope you are feeling better soon and I hope Wellbutrin works well for you.

Suzanne said...

Scary stuff...I hope it all works out for you. I'm thinkin' about ya!