Monday, January 07, 2008

Holy Hell We're Home

Our trip recap will have to be done in multiple parts. It was just too full of blogworthy goodiness to spew at one time.

Let's just say that from the moment we were SUPPOSED to be leaving on our trip, the fun began and it just didn't end until we were nestled back in our Maine beds.

To tease you I'll highlight some topics we'll be covering (not necessarily in order)... in bulleted form for your convenience.

* Almost missing planes
* Vomiting
* My fat ass
* Cold turkey off Zoloft
* Visits cut short
* Birthday cakes
* Unexpected shopping trips (3)
* Drinking
* Significant lack of drinking
* Hot tubbing
* Crying kids
* Rashes
* Crying moms
* Did I mention stopping Zoloft cold turkey
* Storage unit debacles
* Credit card debacles
* Panic attacks
* Hour long massages
* Christmas
* Happy kids
* Returning home to sub zero weather
* 12 inches of snow

Oh yes, it was fun. We did have nice moments, and it was wonderful to visit with old friends and spend time with my family. Unfortunately we weren't able to see more than half of the people we had hoped to and or that, I'm sincerely disappointed.

We're home, and we know now that this is indeed our home.

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Suzanne said...

Glad you guys made it home in one piece! Sounds like it was a crazy trip!