Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How cool is this idea?

My friends son has a birthday right before Christmas. This little guy doesn't want for anything, he has bikes, motorbikes, a quad, every gaming system known to man, toys up the wazoo. He's a great kid. He decided this year he wanted to have an "Army" birthday party.

My friend decided in lieu of gifts for her son, she would have people bring an unwrapped gift to be donated to a local charity that helps out soldier's families while they are deployed (going with the Army theme).

She felt free to invite as many kids as she wanted then and they ended up have all he kids from his class, the neighborhood, and his soccer team.... it was over 30 kids in all. They had a huge stack of toys to take to the charity.

Her son had a blast (he had plenty of gifts from his parents and relatives) and was SO proud when he dropped off all those toys!


kam said...

What a nice idea... and what a great thing to teach your child!

Suzanne said...

What an AWESOME idea!