Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Electric Avenue

Em has a death wish. She apparently doesn't want to make it to her first birthday next week. She has an unhealthy fascination with anything related to electricity. Outlets, plugs and cords are her favorite things. Slightly less dangerous but equally enticing are the earbuds for my ipod.

Last night I pulled her from the plugs in our living room about 30 times. In about an hour. I swear it's pathological. It's not just to get my attention because she'll leave me actively playing with her to zoom over to a plug. She screams like I just pulled her toenails out every single time I take her away from them. This weekend we're going to head back to Babies R Us and find some outlet covers for when there are big plugs in them. That will hopefully buy me enough time to move the laundry over without having a zapped babe.

I have no choice but to take her with me every where I go now. As soon as my back is turned she either looks for some electricity to chew on or she makes a mad dash for the stairs.

ahhhh - the stairs. Another conundrum for us. I'm trying to make the stairs safe for Anna to use, but inaccessible to Em. I don't have to worry about a gate at the top of the stairs for now since she's not ever unsupervised up there. Downstairs is where we have our delimma. It's not our house - so we can't drill into the walls. We have tried several configurations of gates, but we haven't found a solution yet. I'm not giving up though.

I guess for now I just will continue hauling her around the house with me as I go from room to room trying to clean or get things done.

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Kelly said...

Well, I electrocuted myself at age 2... scary times! I still have the scar on my lip!

Jenelle is fascinated with nite lights... she likes to bite them - ARGH!