Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ok mom - here is a new post just for you!

I always think that when people apologize for not posting as frequently - they sound fairly pretentious - as if there are swarms of people paused to hear what absurdly interesting thing I have to say next. I have actually received several emails (not just from you mom!!) asking what I'm up to and asking about the business. It definitely made my day a couple of times. I almost feel a Sally Field Oscar moment coming on. I'll just leave it alone with a thank you.

Yes, I'm busy setting up the website, making phone calls and trying to get things finalized. I'm really, really, really, really excited. Some of you have asked for info on what a Virtual Assistant is - so here is a link to a description.

We toured some open houses this weekend and found our house. Unfortunately the seller doesn't feel the same way and has listed it well over our budget. I think our idea of how our life was going to be here is having to adjust. I'm guessing a small fixer upper is closer to our reality. I hope we're up for the challenge. I know it's worth it.

Anna is in the throws of potty training. That's fun. I'll share more about that adventure in a separate post.

Emma is weaning off her Prevacid. We're keeping our fingers crossed that her reflux really is improved and we can put that journey behind us. She's sick again - so she had 3 nights of frequent waking. I'm hoping now that she's better that we'll see an improvement and that it's not the reflux keeping her up.

Julia is doing great, she seems excited to move into a house that is "ours". She has her paint colors picked out and everything! We have parent teacher conferences next week, and I'm excited to hear how she's doing. I know her reading skills have exploded. She can read about 95% of what is put in front of her now. She can also read with comprehension some 3-5 grade level books. It's is amazing to me how fast she has taken to it.

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Momma said...

People do like you! They really , really like you. So do I.