Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Potty training - again

So - as I mentioned, Anna is potty training. She does great if I ask her if she needs to go, or take her to go. She's pretty much self sufficient. She can take her pants and pull up/underwear off, climb up on the potty, go, wipe, get down, flush and then wash her hands and get dressed again. What we're lacking is the interest. She's perfectly content to be wet or dirty.

We tried the 'bare it all' method but considering we're in a rental house, we gave up after a couple of accidents. It made no difference to her. We're even rewarding her with a peice of candy and sticker each time. She really is doing great if we initiate, but at this point I feel like I'm the one who is potty training. She never puts up a fight, but it never crosses her mind - "hey, I need to pee".

We are putting new meaning to the term "potty TRAINing" though, we set it up so she has a sticker chart and each time she reaches one of the stars (every 8 times she goes) on the chart she gets to pick out a small toy and then when she fills the chart (about a weeks worth of going) she gets a new train. She LOVES Thomas trains. I was thinking along the lines of a dollar store type of thing for the small toy. Dan ruined this for me, in front of Anna, when he suggested that she get a train each time she gets a star. He had no idea that a little train runs $10-20. That's my guy!

So now when Anna gets to a star - she gets a train, and when she fills the chart she will now get Thomas undies. She really wants Thomas undies (Dora is so passe'). Once she fills up her sticker chart we're going to move from "using the potty" method to "not having accidents". Hopefully the stress of possibly peeing on Thomas will be enough to make the move towards self motivation in going to the bathroom.

Funny story though. Anna has two funny quirks about going to the bathroom. When she's about to pee she'll say to whoever is in the room, "are you ready? huh??? are you ready?" and then she pees. She STILL thinks it's funny to hear the sound. Then - every time she poops - she demands the fan be turned on. Funny kid.

Enough about the potty right now...

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