Friday, March 09, 2007

Harry Potter and all that shizznet

Do you ever just feel your dork meter rising?

Well, I'm afraid that before too much longer mine is going to top out.

I've been in a bit of a Harry Potter obsession. Just a bit.

It all started with the discovery of the pottercast and mugglecast podcasts on itunes. Then it just exploded from there. I never knew how crazy people were about "Jo's" books. I mean I knew people really liked them, but not how deeply. As in VERY deeply.

There is the fan fiction. Amazing stuff. People write creatively using "Jo's" writing as a jumping off point. Some of these stories are fascinating and exciting.

Then there is the Wizard Rock. I can't quite get into this - but it's astonishing that so many bands exist and tour the country and world and make MONEY singing songs about Harry and his pals.

DId you know there is a canon? There is. Everything you would ever want to know about Harry Potter can be found here. Anything.

I'm only getting my feet wet, barely scratching the surface and what other cliche's you can put in here - but some people live and breathe all things Potter. A lot of these people are other grown adults (and yes, some may question my choice of the term "grown").

So here is a summary of links I've recently uncovered...

Need to bone up on Harry to prepare for Book 7 -

Pottercast -

Mugglecast -

Wizard Rock -

Fan fiction -

Other Potter sites-

The Lexicon -

Yeah I know... dork meter is going off now...

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Kelly said...

What amazes me is the kid that created Mugglenet at age 14 or something is now a sophomore at Notre Dame and making 6 figures off the ad revenue! Way to go Emerson!