Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good clean fun...

So... it's bedtime. Em is still riding her sugar high, so sleep eludes us all. The frosting has been bathed from her face, hair and other parts where fluffy white frosting likes to hide. She is a happy little girl.

She was so happy to come home from picking up Julia from rehearsal and find the wall decorated with her favorite Sesame characters. She was so excited. She just sat and pointed at them and giggled.

Dinner was mac and cheese and hot dogs. Her favorite. Sadly the broccoli had gone bad, otherwise all three of her favorite foods would have been represented.

Presents were opened. Smiles.

Singing occured, protests for us to be quiet. She does not enjoy our singing. I think she's a bit like her mom, it makes her uncomfortable to have people singing at her.

Cake was devoured.

She's 2.


kam said...

I can't believe she's 2 already! It looks like she really enjoyed her birthday... Especially, Melmo on the wall!

kam said...

PS. I love the new look for the blog... I love that photo of the girls on the rock. You're an awesome photog!

Scattered Mom said...

Awww she's SO cute. 2 is a fun age!