Sunday, March 02, 2008

We're in the money..

Ok. We're not. I just wanted to sing that little ditty.

We're on a pretty strict budget to overcome some of our past issues, bad decisions and bad fortune. We're working to be debt free, and man oh man I want to be a home owner again sometime in this decade. Most of the time I'm OK with it. Sometimes (like Em's birthday coming up here) it kind of sucks to be broke.

One area where I have become sort of a pro is eating well on a budget. I try to keep our grocery bill at $300 or under for the month, sometimes we're looking at $200 but that's rare.

People ask me often how I feed the 5 of us on that budget and still manage to put healthy, decent meals on the table. Occasionally some really nice ones.

I decided to work on these ideas and share them here. I would also love to hear your recipes for fast and/or inexpensive and/or easy and/or healthy food and any tips you have on saving money at the grocery store.

So what are some of your family favorites?

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Suzanne said...

I'd love to hear your ideas. I'm always looking for ways to save money and eat good!

We've been eating a lot of soup lately, especially during the cold months. You can make a good hearty soup without spending a ton on all the ingredients.