Sunday, March 02, 2008

laptop hell

Did I mention my computer problems???

Laptop #1 - Big Kahuna (love of my life). RIP May/04 Miraculously brought back to life because of these people Dec/07. Current status: power problems fixed (yeah, joy), Big Kahuna refuses to connect to internet. Toying with me.

Laptop #2 - Little Love. RIP Aug/07 A run in with Mastiff menaces resulted in power supply problems. Also miraculously brought back from death by these people in Dec/07. Feb/07 flooding zaps a/c adapter, then little pin in connector breaks off. Much swearing ensues. Open box find at Best Buy provides power base and solution for icky problem. Only new problem... battery life is 30 minutes tops so portable power of laptop is iffy. Slow little computer, S L O W....

Laptop #3 - Piece of Crap. RIP Dec/07. Computer works great. Small problem in that the screen is dead. Faster than #2 but still doesn't come close to #1.

So.... three laptops. Three busy little girls. One working laptop in stationary position upstairs away from where three busy little girls play.

Did I mention I work from home? That I use my computer for 90% of my work. ICK. Good thing I spent the money on that external hard drive for back up.

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