Thursday, March 27, 2008

Like I do

So, Jericho is over. I guess I'll have to find my Skeet Ulrich fix somewhere's else. Boo.

Did I mention I did our Fed t*axes? Well, I did. Now I just have to pay to the lovely state of Maine. We owe them. Surprise.

I'm cooking up a storm lately. Making dinner at home everynight with a menu is so much easier than my old manner of whipping something up. The only problem I'm running into is because I know what we're having for dinner, I start thinking about it early in the day. All day long I think about it. Weird.

Winter is fleeing. I know in my heart of hearts that there is more snow on the way, but I can smell Spring coming. I am just about to reach the point where I'm done with this white stuff. I know in November I'll be itching for it again! Pretty soon when I look out my office window I'll see bright green everywhere, and my view of the blue sky will be blocked. Can't wait.

We're going to IKEA this weekend. Oh how I love IKEA. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a fan of all their styles, but I have been able to find things I love there. The girls love the play area, and we're all big fans of the cafeteria. Weird. I know. I'm ok with your judgement. We might buy a new shower curtain. *gasp* big spenders I know. A cabinet for in my office, dressers and maybe some new chair covers for the girls Mammut seats. We'll see. I know I've talked about this before, but come on. It's big excitement for me. We're leaving the state for goodness sakes. We'll go to TWO other states. Seriously. Excitement. We might even go to the outlets in NH. Shut up. I know. We're awesome. Fear me.

Oh, did I mention hockey? The girls loved them some hockey. I used to be quite a fan. In fact I spent the night of my 21st birthday out with two of my girlfriends having drinks and then watching a movie *yawn*, and then hurried to my old apartment to watch the Red Wings game with my new tenants. Oh. and drink some beers. Legally.

Speaking of turning 21. Do you know who got me super drunk in honor of my 21st? My in-laws. Dan was away at Camp Lejeune for the Marines and the night after my birthday they wanted to take me out for dinner. (Awkward moment at dinner, one of my ex boyfriends mother came up to me to tell me how much she missed me, and how much my ex loved me. She about died when I introduced her to Dan's parents. She thought they were mine. OOPS). She bought me a drink though. We went to dinner, and then out to get drinks. They ordered me drink after drink after drink. I kid you not, that some of the drinks were glowing. At least I think they were. We went to three different bars, and I was D R U N K. Shitty even. It should come as no surprise that my Mother-in-law is also who got me drunk at our after wedding reception, reception on the beach. Tequila. It will do it everytime.

This little free flow has gone in unexpected places. drunken places. I like that.

Unfortunately my current situation has imposed itself upon me, and would like to take a nap. My presence is requested. She would like some "nee nee". YesImstillbreastfeedingbutyoubetterwatchyourmouththankyouvery muchbecauseIamverysensititveaboutbeingjudgedinthismannersince IneverthoughtIdbenursinga2yearoldlittlegirldidIhearyoujustcluckyour
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parentingandweanagainIve resignedmyselftonursinguntilcollegenow

The last role of psycho demon mother was played by MOI. The Het.



theresa said...

For your Skeet Ulrich fix, you can go to:

It is so comprehensive and has thousands of photos, videos, interviews (audio and video) of him. You could spend hours there until his next project.

Suzanne said...

I love me some Skeet Ulrich too, although I never watched Jericho. Odd.

Hope you find some good treasures at Ikea and the outlets. I'm headed there myself soon. Here in MI of course!