Thursday, July 26, 2007

10 years

Let me tell you a story about our wedding.

I have always loved this song I heard on a Joe Perham recording when I was younger. It's called "Daisy A Day."

I love it. As in seriously moves me, love it. As in cries ugly face crying tears, love it.

We were getting married at a beautiful Inn on a lake in Maine and I wanted this song played at my wedding. I even went so far as to write Joe Perham to ask him to sing this song at my wedding. He called and spoke with my father one morning (made my father's day as he love's Joe) and kindly turned me down since he would be kayaking in Alaska while I was getting married.

I tried to find the music for this song to see if our string quartet or guitarist could play it. No dice. Keep in mind this was 10 years ago. The internet was not the same handy dandy vat of information as it is today. Months of phone calls and other searches turned up empty.

I built my wedding around this song. Simple bouquets of daisies (white with yellow centers in case you wanted to know), beautiful muted daisy invitations.

Still no song.

I finally resigned myself to a Daisy a Day less wedding.


Fast forward to days before the wedding. We were in Maine and meeting with the owner of the Inn to plan the final details of our reception. (Chicken Acropolis and Beringer wines in case you wanted to know). As she paused for a moment to check in a guest, I mosied through the rustic great room (with the giant moose head over the stone fireplace) and what to my wandering eyes
did appear, but a sheet of music with Daisy a Day on it! I kid you not.

Right in the very Inn i would be getting married in.

This is not where the story ends though. I then asked the Innkeeper with tears of joy if we could borrow the music so that we could have the song played at our wedding.

She shocked us all.

Her husband wrote that song. HE WROTE IT. SERIOUSLY.

*Smacks self on forehead*

After months of trying to find the music to this song, it was painfully obviously how inept I was. Byt that's another story. Back to the long drawn out story I have laid out before you...

Her husband had passed away years before, but her current husband was learning it so that he could play it for her son at his wedding in the Fall. I begged and pleaded for dear Sturgis to play it at mine as well. He was nervous since it was new to him. He finally relented.

On a beautiful day full of other surprises, he sang Daisy A Day for me. Tears flowed. Rings exchanged and it was just perfect. I mean it.

The day ended with just about all of the people I love sitting on the beach watching an angels singing melodiously from the heavens sunset over the water... and then fireworks. As in real, honest to God, illegal in Maine fireworks (that were a complete surprise to me and a gift from a friend).

So. This year will be 10 years since this amazing day.

This is where I could insert some sappy sentiment about getting a daisy a day, but rather I'll end with a message to my husband.

After 10 years of marriage and 18 years of being obsessed with you, I love you. I've loved you longer than I've not.

Forever and a day.

Semper Fi.


Momma said...

How beautiful! Having a cry!

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful story and song!

Veronica said...

Wow. What an amazingly wonderful story. I think it's truly a sign - you guys were/are meant to be. I just loved reading that.

Kelly said...

That is an incredibly beutiful story! Happy Anniversary!

Momma said...

That was a beautiful story, and you can leave it up until next year, if you like. However, how about a new post? Send an "old woman" off on her cross country journey with some adorable pictures. Thanks!

laurie said...

This is such a lovely story. Thanks so much for sharing it. It brought tears to my eyes.
And happy, happy anniversary.

Kristen said...

Oh, Het, that made me cry! What a wonderful story! And I too would love to see pics of your recent ceremony!