Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I guess I promised some funny Anna moments.

I'm nothing if not a woman of my word.


The other day Anna walked in the room holding a 6 foot tall window pane thingy. I asked her where she got it. She walked me into the kitchen and showed me the now pane less door.

"Anna, you can't take those off, they need to stay on."

"Momma, I just touched it and then Poof, it was just a little magic and it came off. It was just a little magic. That's all"


Anna and Julia were bickering in the car. Julia said something rude to Anna.

Anna's response, "Julia, knock it off or I'm kicking you out of the car"


In the lake this weekend.

Anna says to me, "I'm swimming on the Earth."

"Yes, you are Anna."

"Someday you'll swim on the Earth, Mommy"


After getting a big kiss from one my Dad's 130+ lb mastiffs (oh, by the way, they aren't even a year old yet!!)

"That dog is slobber-ific"


"Hey mom, I want some lobster with my butter"


"When I get ice cream, I'd like some poop on top. I like the poop sundae"

"Anna, that's not poop, that's hot fudge"

"If it looks like poop, it's poop."


"mooooooooom, smell my pits. Smell em. Moooooom Smell my pits" (she just put some of Dan's anti-perspirant on)



Anonymous said...

That's some good logic...if it looks like poop, it's poop!

kam said...

You need to post the story of the talking buffalo at Bugaboo! That was sooo funny!