Sunday, July 08, 2007

8 things about me...

Kirdy has tagged me and I'm nothing if not obedient... I do love the memes!

Here we go...

1. I have to start out with this because it's everywhere right now... but I love Harry Potter. I would say I'm a strong 6 or a low 7 on the obsessive scale. I love the books, I enjoy the hell out of the movies. I like the fan uproar about both. I don't have HP clothing or anything other than the books or movies. I do listen to Pottercast and Mugglecast. Tonight while watching the Secrets of Harry Potter... I actually knew who Steve Vanderark was before they through his creds on the screen.

2. I'm in the process of finally weaning Emma. I'm not sure I'm going to completely stop, but we're cutting down to 1-2 a day. I'm guessing with in a couple of weeks we'll be done. I have been nursing or pregnant for just about 7 years now. I nursed Julia for 20 months, Anna for 15 and Emma is just shy of 16 months.

3. I suffer from OCHD. I laughed when I first heard this. Hoarding? Wha? That's hilarious. Then I cried. The more I learned the more I was amazed. Wow. Soooo me. I am grateful to begin understanding it, and possibly free myself from what I have been dealing with for well over 20 years now. Gotta love acronyms. I have more... PCOS, ITP, PTSD, CD, GAD... geez thats depressing...

4. Mosquitos and black flies are my enemy. Oh and birds. The mosquitos and black flies love to bite me. I get huge welts from them. At night while I sleep I scratch and scratch, and wake up with scabs. Lovely right?? I have scars on my legs and arms from years of this process. I no likey birds and birds no likey me. I hit a bird on my bike once (on accident!!) and after that birds seemed to follow me. And poop on me. and attack me. Sea World is like hell for me. Those dive bombing birds scare the crap out of me.

5. I want to be a photographer. And a writer. And a late night radio dj. and a painter. and that's about it.

6. I love taking surveys, quizzes and doing memes like these.

I guess this will have to be continued since I'm too boring for even myself!

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