Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How could I forget...

Thanks K for reminding me about the buffalo episode!

We went to dinner at Bugaboo Steakhouse on K's last night in town. Dan got home late and so by the time we were eating it was fairly late for the Doughkids. They were a little more feisty than normal.

Em was getting fussy, so Dan took her for a little walk outside the building. Julia tagged along. That left K and Anna at the table with me.

Anna was not thrilled with having to eat some more of her mac and cheese. Just then the large buffalo (Mr. Bill) head on the wall near us began to talk. Anna asked what he was saying. My response...

"Oh my, he said, Anna Bella you need to eat your food. Or else I'll come down and bite your butt." (butt and poop jokes are big in our house. Yes, we're cool like that)

She looked at me. Then looked at the buffalo. I was a bit nervous that she was scared.

Apparently I had mistaken fear for deep reflection.

Finally... her response.

"but mom, he doesn't have legs"

She's a smart chick... but she ate every bite, just in case.

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Anonymous said...

Then the Lanes are ULTRA-cool because butt, poop AND pee jokes are all the rage in our house! :)