Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dan.... Divorce... things that start with D!

Ok. It was not a good week for Dan. Well, the week was fine for him, it was me that had the bad week.

Monday night, at 445pm I call Dan to find out what the doodah is for his arrival time from work. He informs me he has a meeting from 515-545pm. He'll be home by 615pm. So I change my dinner menu from a quick homemade pizza to apple cinnamon stuffed pork chops. 630pm. No Dan. 7pm. No Dan. 730pm. No Dan. 745pm Dan finally shows up. BAD MAN.

I tried to explain to him all the different reasons that it was rude, disrespectful and not acceptable to be almost 2 hours late without calling.

Tuesday. 6pm. No call. (Oh.. did I mention his traditional work hours are 8-5p??) 615pm. Dan calls. "I'm on my way."

Wednesday, 510pm. Dan calls. Will be home around 6pm.... shows up at 615p (DOING BETTER!!!!)

Thursday and Friday had small hiccups but he was home around the time he said he'd be. I'm all good with that.

Cue Saturday. I am going with Julia on our Mommy/Daughter date to see Cinderella. I call Dan at 315p to let him know that it was intermission, and so we had about an hour left.

4p - the show is over (it was pretty good... funny too!!) and I call Dan to pick us up. He doesn't answer. 2 minutes later he calls back. He's across town.

430pm - Most of the cast has left the building.

445pm - The crew has left the building... they are locking the building. Julia and I have hit the Cumby to get a drink and a snack. Still standing on the side of the road. Call Dan. Quietly leave some nasty comments on his voicemail so Julia can't hear. Think of lots of other nasty comments. Bite through tongue to avoid spewing them.

455pm. He arrives. He immediately drives to Red's and uses cash in envelope to buy ice cream cone and begs for forgiveness. I'm thinking about it.

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Anonymous said...

Shame on Dan! :P