Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Kids, kids, kids...

I'm sitting out in the front yard. This neighborhood is crawling with kids.

The girls spent three hours this yesterday riding bikes and scooters and having a blast. I am sooo glad we finally have found a place full of kids the girls ages.

Anna has a little friend M a couple of weeks younger than she is. They are very similar, headstrong, busy, active little girls. M's been trying to ride a tricycle hybrid for three months, her mom was just telling me how she just can't get the hang of riding a bike. Then she climbed on Anna's and was riding around the loop (we have this awesome round driveway in front of the house that the kids and ride on without being in traffic) with no problems. Anna spent most of the time happily chasing after her.

Em sat in their little cozy coupe push along for an hour buckling and unbuckling herself. Today she has been riding around in the little trike Fred Flintstone style.

Julia is now playing house with the two little boys from down the street. These boys are cracking me up talking on the pink fluffy Barbie phone, and sitting on the purple Dora bean bag chair.

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Jenn said...

LOL this sounds like my neighborhood! i love to watch them play, its great that these type of neighborhoods still exist! and im glad lil M learned to ride a bike!