Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Yes, it's the first day back to school.

I actually miss Julia. For the most part I have really enjoyed having her home for the summer. At the end it was getting to be a bit overwhelming since we were gearing up both to move and start school.

She is very excited, but told me this morning her stomach was full of flip flops.

I couldn't find her lunch box anywhere, so I packed her lunch in a grocery store bag. Yes, she's one of THOSE kids. As soon as we got back to the house I found her lunch bag in a matter of seconds.

There were about a half dozen kids at the bus stop this morning - she was happy to see her little bike riding friend from yesterday (she was racing her bike with the boys). Compared to last year when no one rode her bus for the first 2 months, this was a lot more fun.

I'll post a picture later... she was NOT interested in posing for pictures. She was mortified when I tried to take her picture as she got on the bus. Maaaah-aaaaam!

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