Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Do a little dance...

My washer and dryer arrived today. WHEW. These girls accumulate a lot of clothes in 4 days. They said they didn't know how long it would take to get in. I'm impressed with 1 business day.

The nice guy installed it, and I ran my first load of laundry (using the Tide with Bleach sample (what kind of detergent do you use??? Fabric softener or dryer sheets?). It worked fine until the spin cycle.


The racket this thing caused. I've had washers that have "walked" a bit. This thing was beating down the door to come out. It didn't help that it's on concrete floor, but I'm serious, I was certain it was possessed.

When the guy came back to attach the dryer, I told him it was making noise. He said that a certain amount of noise was expected. I didn't bother to argue... I simply turned the washer back on. It made him jump back!

Apparently there is a rod they insert to keep the drum still during transit. He hadn't removed it.

The washer finished in quiet.

I no longer have to trudge down to the dark, wet basement carrying armloads of loads down steep narrow stairs. I no longer have a washer the size of a bathroom sink. We're talking about doing a load with more than just one sheet washing at a time!


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