Tuesday, April 22, 2008

20,000 hits!

I hit 20,000 hits on this blog since inception. I know it's not much by "blogging" standards since I know people who get 1000 a day and the big bloggers get 20-50K a day.

For me, 20,000 is awesome. Soemone with a server from Minneapolis, a qwest customer who came over from one of my favorite sites, Notes from the Cookie Jar was the big 20,000.

Suz I think you were the last visitor in my 10K and mom you were my first over 20K!

Oh, and I ignore my own visits to my blog, otherwise I would have over 100K! My mom accounts for at least half of the visits, but she counts!


Mama said...

I'll bet no one cries here, as much as I do! Congrats!

Suzanne said...