Monday, April 21, 2008

Thy name is wart

Julia has been battling a wart on her hand for three months. As I mentioned in a previous post, the treatment has been traumatic. Not painful, but it could be, so much hysteria ensues. The other night after another epic knock down drag out battle to treat it, I gave up. I decided that for all of our sanity and perhaps the continuation of our mother/daughter relationship that I should let the doctor take care of it. Let her bear the guilt of the crazy kid.

So today she sat there very nicely with a terrified look on her face while the dr used a scalpel to clear away the dead skin. No hysteria. No screaming, No biting, No kicking. Why didn't I do this weeks ago!! She treated both gigantic wart and baby wart.

Let's hope they die.

The nurse told Julia she should ask them (the warts) very nicely to go away. She also mentioned something about rubbing a shiny penny on them and then throwing it over her right shoulder. This is good medicine folks. I love them for trying to make her smile.

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