Thursday, April 17, 2008

By George...

I think Anna might have caught on to this potty training thing. After first going on the potty at 18 months old, and being nearly trained until Em was born, we have signs that she's on board with us.

She has been in underwear for 5 days (today is 6) and I think she has had about 5 accidents. I don't think one a day is all that bad. Especially after this morning... when her pull up was dry. I said, "Wow, I'm so impressed you stayed dry all night. That's really hard to do when you are sleeping. Great job." and she replies, "Well, we don't pee in our pants." I guess not. I'll still leave her in pull ups at night for a while, but it is nice to know that she might be potty trained by her 4th birthday next month!

Fingers crossed.


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way to go Anna!!!