Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Daddy hoves me.

No, this is not another chi*ld a*buse post. It's not shoves. This is Emma speak for Daddy Loves me.

Today when she was sitting in my office, I had the windows open, and she heard a manual transmission car and said, "Daddy home?" I explained that no, it was somebody elses car and Daddy was at work.

She sits in the recliner and says, "Daddy hoves me" I told her that he certainly did and she was a lucky little duck. She says, "Daddy hoves me". So now I'm wondering if I misunderstood her and she was trying to clarify. So I said, "Daddy loves you?" Her reply, and emphatic, "YESH" (I love love love love love how she says Yes. It's adorable). She sat there repeating "Daddy hoves me" over and over for at least 5 minutes. I finally called Dan and let him hear her. It made his day.

Later at naptime we were snuggling and getting ready to nurse and she looks lovingly at my bo*ob and says, "Nee nee hoves me" I said, yes, but Mommy makes nee nee and Mommy loves you. She said, "NO, no mommy. Nee nee hoves me."


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kam said...

Emma is sooo freakin' cute! I love hearing about Emma speak.