Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Passing it on...

I swear I don't know where she gets this!

"Emma you are the sine (shine) in my eye. Love Julia, big big sis

"anna I love you and so I can live with you until I'm 27 or forty. Big sister Julia"

and written below that is:

"Poppa, I want you to come as soon as summer starts. Julia PS Love you"

Ok Mom, don't get too jealous, she wrote to you too...

"Memaw you are the grandmoter of my deams. Julia"

Now... Once again mom, don't get to excited about that... see the bottom of the next box side... "Mom, I love you so much that I don't want to leave you. Julia"

"Callaway, Cat of my drems. Ps I love you. Julia"
Last but not least: "Troper. I know your dead but we still love you. Your frend. Julia & Anna & Emma. PS Mommy & Daddy PS We love you"

The cute part is, she said to me, "Don't mind the spelling, I was too busy to be careful"

Too bad Apple Juice boxes don't come with spell check.

1 comment:

kam said...

Way cute!

No mention of me - maybe drinking many beers!? he hehe
I would love to know where she came up with that!!