Friday, April 25, 2008

I had an email checking on Anna's potty training progress. Strange how it happened, but I think she's potty trained.

Before we knew it we went from at least one accident a day to a couple of days without one. Now, she's even dry when she wakes up. She's been coming inside when she's playing outside to go, she gets up from the tv to go. She even peed in the potty in the back of the car the other day! I'm so proud of her. She rocks.

Speaking of things from my childrens' bowels... Em was whining on the car ride to our storage unit. The whole time. Incessantly. Annoyingly. I'm in some pain due to a trapezius muscle strain and infringed nerve... I'll live thank you very much, so my patience is nil. I told her to stop whining. I told her to stop whining. I told her we'd get her shoes when we got there (OCD child can't handle only having one shoe on) because I can't do my acrobatic driving because of my neck (you know, where you contort your body to reach behind your chair to get something).

We get to the storage unit and I see it. Poop. Everywhere. She had a poop explosion. It's down her legs, all over her car seat, just everywhere.

I'm a terrible mother.

So, I grab my spare wipes (Thank goodness I was prepared!) and used almost the entire package cleaning her and the seat. Unfortunately though, I don't have any diapers or pull ups with me. Then I remember that Anna had a pull up on because we were going to be in the car and I didn't want her to pee in her seat (Which I might add, she did not, because she told when she needed to go and then went!!!). So, I make Anna give Emma her pull up (Disgusting, I know, don't judge people. The one thing I know after parenting three kids is that one explosive poop is usually followed by another.) and Anna had to ummmm... go free.

After getting some things out of the storage unit for the yard sale tomorrow I found it. A plastic storage box with baby wash, shampoo and one little pull up. Sure enough when we pull in the parking lot at our house, I turn around and explosive poop number 2 had arrived. This time I didn't have any wipes left, so I ran inside for supplies. The Britax cover is in the washing machine - depooping.

I love poop.


Anonymous said...

Well, who doesn't?! :)

Mama said...

You're not a terrible mother!! Poop runs in the family!!!