Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Julia update

Thanks so much for the comments, e-mails and calls about both Julia and my cryptic request. It means a lot to me!

Julia did indeed stay home from school yesterday, she was still having trouble talking and and eating. She was sore and achy so we let her stay home. She actually laid in my bed alternating between sleeping and watching tv.

To answer a few questions, she fell off her bike Sunday evening. The photo was taken about an hour after the injury before the swelling was done, and before any bruising began. Yesterday she looked much worse, but with the swelling in her lip down today - she looked and felt much better this morning. We have now moved on to drama involving her appearance at the school music recital - band aid or chin or no band aid on chin, will people be able to see her lip and nose from the front row. I told her everyone will be watching their own kids and with the lighting and distance no one will be able to see anything but the pretty little girl she is.

Now, I will be stepping up on the proverbial soap box for a moment. Dan showed me her helmet last night, and let me implore you parents to make wearing a helmet a habit for your kids and for you. There was about 3/4 of an inch deep area of foam scraped off of the front of her helmet and the plastic was seriously dented, the tape that connects the two peices was actually rubbed completely off in the front. That would have been my babies head if she wasn't wearing her helmet, and wearing it correctly. This post would be altogether different, and would probably involve words like concussion, stitches, plastic surgeons.

So PLEASE make your kids wear a helmet every time and wear it correctly.

Here is a website with a list of states with bicycle helmet laws.

Here is a graphic on wearing a helmet correctly

Wear the helmet flat atop your head, not tilted back at an angle!Make sure the helmet fits snugly and does not obstruct your field of vision. Make sure the chin strap fits securely and that the buckle stays fastened.

Here is me stepping off the soap box. (end scene)

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Anonymous said...

Het-I was curious-and glad that there was a helmet. My kids wear a helmet everytime they are on a bike. No excuses. The rest of the kids on the street do not. I will not ever relax my helmet rule.

Hugs to you, and to sweet Julia. She is pretty no matter what!