Monday, November 07, 2005

and it begins....

The advertising onslaught directed at my young for the Christmas holidays. Every two minutes I hear - "hey mom - I want that!" Julia hordes her Toys R Us and Target Toy books like a hard core street vet hordes their crack rock. I even find her in the bathroom perched on the throne - - eagerly combing through the magazines for something her little coveting mind might have missed the first 20 times.

The good news is - she is faithful to her original list. STILL - I will probably wait a couple more weeks to buy the specifics for her. And Anna - I've been pretty much done with her for months. :) Awww - to buy presents for the young when they have no say!

OH yeah - did I mention that Dan the man grew awfully tired of my Grinch act - and broke down and finally bought Julia the Barbie Jeep she's wanted for 3 consecutive Christmas'. Now - he did it in typical Dan fashion - looked at no less than 50 stores - and using a handful of coupons - saved almost $100!!! Rock on Dan. You the man and I bow down to you for your thrifty adoration of our spawn. His argument is "she obviously wants it - and now she has 2 little sisters to pass it down to" She'll be SOOOOOOOOO excited.

So - Christmas is coming - can you hear the the cash registers chiming???

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