Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Go forward and spew forth...

Ugh - life is stressful. I'm doing ok - but UGH - if I have to clean up dog vomit ONE more time.... I'm done.

Our DAMN sweet dog - Savannah is pissing me off. She vomited all over on Tuesday and Wednesday... we left hours late for the rents place because we had to run her to the vet. The vet agreed that there wasn't much to do (she is a rock eater... used to eat BIG rocks - has had 3 blockages that required surgery - and cost us BIG BIG $$$$$$) since her intestines are weak now after the other surgeries... so we decided to treat her again. Give her small amounts of food and water... medicate her... keep her from getting dehydrated.

Well - THURSDAY she crapped out a big old rock and was back to her normal self. UGH! It's been about 4 years since she's eaten a rock. I'm not doing this again. The vet thinks that she's depressed, which makes sense since I stopped working and I've been home with her. Big freaking baby.

So - what is she up to again now ----- vomiting all over again ----- all over our carpet. We went from having some decently clean carpet to most likely have to replace the carpet in at least our playroom and maybe our living room too.

Thanks for letting me bitch... ya know I'm mostly just worried about having to put Savannah down - but really - stop eating the DAMN rocks!

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