Saturday, November 12, 2005

I'm getting crafty!

I've been making hair bows for weeks and weeks. The first craft fair was sort of a bust - I sold some - and made some money - but the entire festival was a huge disapointment for the PTO.

I have two more craft fairs - one really big one and one small one. I'm excited about both of these. Especially after my bow class - I have some absolutely precious hair bows now. I make the TIE kind ( I had photos - but can't find them right now) which are so much fun, Korkers (the curly ones) and now three different kinds of traditional bows. Now I have friends placing orders - and I have to admit - it's just a lot of fun. I really like making these for people. It's cool to see little girls wearing something I made.

Now - I have taken up another project for the holidays - I'm making Letters from Santa for some friends kids and have now started taking orders from some of their friends.... Santa is swamped this time of year and employs computer savy folks like me to help respond to letters (he of course does the final edit and hand signs each one - and mails them DIRECTLY from the North Pole so they have a North Pole Cancellation). This is such a blast. I know lots of little kids are going to be so excited to get their letters and I played a part in it! I custom write EACH letter for the individual kid including their names, age and some accomplishments from the year - all info that I get directly from the jolly old elf himself. ;)

Next on my list is making BIG bows for the craft fair for packages and decorations.

Then it's on to Xmas baking!! Cookie exchange is coming right up - and I always like to have extra treats to put into my Xmas packages for shipping!

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