Friday, November 11, 2005


Do you hear it??? What is that sound? It sounds vaguely like a little duck that's somewhere in my house. Ok - we have crickets... I recognize that sound! but what is this KACK KACK KACK KACK???

Ok - sound seems to be following the littlest member of our non-fur/non-gilled family...

maybe she has a duck stuck in her butt..

Well - it IS indeed little Anna. She is walking around in circles talking with her big old Duck - alternating kissing him, eating his nose, carrying him around by the bill (ummm - it's stuck in her mouth!).... then quietly whispering "kack, kack, kack, kack" alternating by screaming at the top of her lungs "KACK KACK KACK KACK KACK"

Julia - the sweet little one - has been crashed out for a while... awwwww......

PS - the baby is on it's way!!!!! lots of easy labor vibes to Melissa - and my prayers are with you guys for a healthy delivery and healthy nephew!

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Kelly said...

I thought you meant YOUR baby was on the way! LOL Happy weekend to you!