Sunday, November 20, 2005

FIre... fire.... fire... fire

Had a nice evening with the fam sitting outside in the somewhat chilly evening (50s-60s I think!) enjoying a nice toasty - wood crackling fire. It's not quite the same as sitting on the beach in Maine with your toes digging into the cold sand, hearing the water quietly lap at the beach and the explosion of stars overhead (well, we do have a lot of stars out here too). And even though the company tonight was top notch and my favorite people on Earth... it's also not the same as sitting around with some of your OTHER favorite people on Earth that you only see once a year. :) That said - it was really nice.

We roasted marshmallows, we swung on our big patio swing, we had S'mores (ok - we didn't have chocolate so we raided the Halloween candy and used Reese's Peanut butter cups and Kit Kats) and we talked. Julia kept going inside for more toys, clothes and just stuff in general - and Anna alternated between being precious and playing with her duck and being aggravated as hell at having to wear not only clothes - but clothes with SLEEVES. The dogs kept barking... at all the other dogs... and you could hear people talking all over the place. So - that alone was different. It's not very often sitting in Maine on the beach that you hear a car alarm go off! ;)

Still - it was nice.

Julia wants to get in her PJs and read Night Before Christmas outside by the fire this year on Christmas Eve - and I'm thinking we just might do that. Get some cookies, cuddle up on the swing and watch the fire and read our book. Then go to bed and wait for Santa to come. I wonder if he'll come down our Firepit?

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Kelly said...

I am so done with the hot weather we've been having in So Cal... isn't it supposed to be chilly on Thanksgiving?

Glad you had the fire!