Thursday, November 10, 2005

Gymbo heaven

Yep - I've done it now. I broke down and bought into the Gymboree addiction! I've always been extremely frugal with my children's clothes buying purchases - Target, Wal-mart... the word clearance usually goes hand and hand with the clothes I buy.

Now - with 2 more little girls to wear Julia's hand me downs - Dan decided last night that spending a little more than $2 on a shirt wasn't too bad of an investment. So - to I went. Of course it's Winter Sale time - so I got 30% off everything - including sale items! I was really impressed. I rarely ever just buy a bunch of clothes at one time. Usually it's piece by piece as I pick through the clearance and sale racks at the aforementioned bargain huts. After I saw my final total - I was really nicely surprised at the cost of each item. I also bought two little xmas dresses - for $20 less EACH then I was going to spend - so that was great!

I'm so excited that I have such absolutely adorable outfits for the girls for pretty much the same price as if I had bought them at Target or Wal-mart (probably on sale - but definitely not their clearance prices).

I never even broke a sweat!

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