Wednesday, November 09, 2005

WHoo hoo! Shots!

ok - it's not really that exciting. Julia got her flu shot yesterday. She wasn't thrilled about it going into it - but she did great - didn't even flinch.

Anna had her 15 month check up yesterday (OF COURSE I REALIZE SHE'S 17 MONTHS!) and it went well. She impressed the nurse and the doctor with her vocab (not so much the quantity - but the damn cute quality!) - and her amazing yeast infection. Yep - that nasty diaper rash is indeed a yeasty beasty. Sometimes momma DOES know somethings (yes Dan - that is a BURN on you!).

She's now 25 lbs 9 1/2 oz... which I guess puts her in the 75% or something - and we didn't get her height or head measurements - but her height puts her in the 70% and her head is in the 90%. Yep - she's really a Dough kid.

Then - she had an arsenal of 4 shots. Must suck to be a kid.

Danny boy and I get our flu shots next week. Can you just tell how excited I am!

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