Saturday, November 12, 2005

My new nanny

Dan and I have decided that we just can't afford not to -and we have a new nanny for little Anna. She is a wonderful young lady who Anna just adores. We've given her the room next to ours and although we still get up with Anna at night - our new nanny takes care of practically everything else!

She understands Anna's unique personality and loves her just as much as we all do. She does most of the bathing - washing her hair and helping her rinse off. She has recently started to change the poopy diapers, she absolutely loves feeding her as well. Play time isn't the same either - they are practically joined at the hip all day. She is sooo good with her. They dance together, read books, play with her toys. She's just great.

The main thing we're concerned about -aside from age - is that she can be quite violent. Don't get me wrong - it's often in direct retaliation from violence Anna began - but I can't stand the thought of ANYONE hurting my baby! OK - I admit - there are some more issues - our new nanny does occasionally have a hard time accepting our authority as Anna's parents - and rarely she forgets her duties and leaves Anna on her own.

Yes, yes, as I'm sure you've guessed I'm talking about Julia. It is amazing how the dynamic in their relationship has changed recently. Julia is being much more helpful. They were playing in her room earlier today - and when I stopped in to check on them - I found Julia 75% of the way into changing Anna's poopy diaper. She was doing a GREAT job. Don't worry - it's not something we allow her to do on her own. Oh yeah - during bath time - Dan and I are always with them too. I can already see the emails... NO - we don't usually make her do these things. Yes occasionally we need her to help out - but it's rare. She really likes to help out - and she is just soooo proud of herself when she can.

I think we lucked out though with Julia - since I'm guessing Anna won't be such a great Nanny for the new baby!

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