Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Almost 5!!!

Julia had her little birthday party at preschool today. She had a blast. She just LOVES her teachers Miss. M and Miss. D . They sang her the Happy Birthday song - and she didn't cry (unlike her Mommy). She was SOOO proud of her little beach cupcakes - that she helped make at every step of the way (ok - it's a bad picture of them - but they really are cute!).

Ok - Dan just called - and Mr. M at the Y said they were the best cupcakes he's ever had --- and wants us to bring in more. I told Dan that I was just taking a picture of the cupcake and he called me a DORK! So - I tried to explain that I was taking a picture for my blog - because I was talking about them - but didn't want to use the picture I had of them because you can see several of the other kids in the picture really well - and I try not to post pics of other peoples kids in my blog without their knowledge...... (whew - deep breath). Then, I hear GIGGLING on the line. GIGGLING. Like a little school girl.

"And what part of that makes you less of a dork, Heather?"


Kelly said...

Awesome cup cakes! When exactly is Miss Julia's birthday - I thought she was close to Jack in January?

Het said...

Dec 28 is her big day! HUGS nt