Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The house has NEVER been cleaner - NEVER!

Talk about a complete and total house overhaul - all in about 25 minutes. I vaccuumed EVERY room, the walls and the ceiling. Wiped down every surface inside and outside - including cleaning the windows. I mean every single window. I stripped the wallpaper in the living room - and in the kitchen.

Whew - I 'm exhausted. But what a good feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know - I'm amazing - did I mentioned mention the square footage is about 5 sq ft! ;) I am remodeling my old dollhouse for the girls for Xmas. Cleaned it out - putting in new wallpaper - washed the window treatments... bought new furniture. I can't wait till they see it. Julia saw it tonight and said "oh momma - is that for me???" when I told her no, that it was mine - she said "oh, someday I hope I get to play with it, it's beautiful." I might be slightly more excited about that than the Jeep.

Ahhhhh - I just love this time of year!

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Kelly said...

LMAO - and here I thought it was a little early for nesting!