Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No - I'm not a paid sponsor...

But man oh man do I have good things to say about the US postal service.

Usually getting my packages out is a BITCH. The PO location here is about 20 minutes away - and there is usually at least a 1/2 hour line (and this is not during prime holiday mailing time) - but I've waited in line for an hour and a half before - with two whiny kids (yes, the Dough kids do indeed whine occasionally).

This year - I shipped out my packages from my home. I can see my dreams of hermit living in the future. ROCK ON! I used some of my boxes (with the cool Priority Mail stickers they delivered) and some of their boxes (which they also delivered to my home) - printed out my mailing labels and put the packages outside of my door. Someone CAME AND GOT THEM (and I think it was a postal employee!). :)

Yes, I know that our friends at Fed Ex, UPS and DHL will also take packages off my hands - from my home - but usually not for their cheaper ground rates - just overnight and 2 day air. - and this year - the prices I paid for shipping beat the hell out of those places. Considering gas prices - I'm fairly certain I saved some there too.

Oh yes - just to avoid the emails - I have heard of such a thing as internet shopping where you order things online and they send them to your loved ones without you having to do a thing... I even used that this year! This year I intermingled some handcrafted items with purchased items... SO THERE.

So - yeah me

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Lets just hope this part is true!

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