Thursday, December 22, 2005

Not a successful Diva dance recital unless tears are involved...

and tears were indeed involved... my kid doing the crying! Julia had her "Divas" dance recital yesterday. I found out right before class that Julia would be doing the same dance as in her Monday class. Brilliant dance intructor Miss V. never put two and two together that Julia would be doing the exact same dance.

Well - just moments before the recital - Julia's partner for part of the dance refused to participate. Miss V being ever so keen into children's psyches told Julia that she was such a good dancer that she didn't need a partner - that for the partner part she could just get down on her own and boogie.

THat just didn't go over very well. I then took Julia aside and gave her my best parental pep talk including how cool it was to be special, how she was going to do great and Bob Boblaw (Hee hee - little shout out to my folks at Arrested Development there... get it ... bla bla bla...).

So - Dance begins and Julia is doing ok - it was vast departure from her excitment level on Monday - but she was doing the steps. THEN the partner part began and this is where things went from OK to just plain depressing. Julia turned around to grab her partners hands - and remembered there was no partner. Her little shoulders just slumped in defeat... and she just stood there with her back to us during the entire part. She gave a little wiggle here and there - but as her mom - I just knew that when she turned back around, my mommy heart would be ripped from my chest. Sure enough - when she turned around to finish the dance - she had tears streaming down her face. It was like watching a train wreck... you have to look - but you SO don't want to see the pain and suffering that's occuring. She did great though - she knew the steps and tried to wiggle where appropriate -b ut her little heart wasn't in it.

My little Julia is so sensitive. She's always been that way. She tried hard to be independent and crazy - but really, she just wants everyone to like her, for everyone to show her how much you love her - ALL THE TIME. Any kind of punishment or harsh word just breaks her spirit. It's hard to watch. I just want her to be confident and secure... but I know for her - that's going to be hard - and probably a long time coming.

So - here are some pics from this recital... but not a smiley one in the bunch. My poor baby!

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Kelly said...

Awe man! I can just visualize it! Poor Julia - I'm proud of her!